Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Watercolors

We look for shadows in many places, sometimes the shadows are bold, some subtle. 

For  Shadow Shot Sunday 2, I offer the latter. Our friend and Valley Arts Council (VAC) President held a watercolor course for grown-ups at the Derby Public Library last month.

The seasonal subject was Reindeer. This was not a serious look at art, but a place to let your inner artist enjoy working with an unfamiliar medium.

Rich is a great teacher, one who encourages his students to try to expand their artistic skills and not. worry about technique. 

Patti wrote about this class and her pictures showcase the pleasure we believe anyone can find in art.  And for shadow watchers, they are all over the room, but quietly lying under the artists of the day...


  1. What a clever series of shots. And of course the double play on the word shadows as the art pieces themselves (some anyway) have shadows of color in them.

  2. very fun- we've taken classes like this and it is a great way to learn to not be afraid of doing something new.....we are all talented!

  3. Ah yes, subtle shadows! It's wonderful to see so many adults enjoying creating art!

  4. Rich is a patient teacher, I can attest to that

  5. So many interested in attending this class. All seem to be enjoying the experience. Interesting photos.