Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday - Mirror Finish

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is a fun meme that allows us to see shadows and reflections in a unique way, sometimes even artistic. The always lovely Patti visited the Osborne Homestead Museum in Derby CT for the the 30th year that the house has been decorated for the public viewing. Local garden clubs have decorated the home following the theme of "Holiday at the Farm."

This was taken in one of the bedrooms, and why I like it is that as we look up yo see the top of the mirror, and cannot. Hey if we look down we area actually looking up. Our eyes have been fooled...shadows and reflections abound!


  1. As above so below, or maybe an underworld.

  2. Shadows and reflections...that is what I call a two-fer. Nice. My Trouble would be sad that there are all dogs :-)