Friday, December 11, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday - Derby Public Library in season

We look for shadows all about, and they often arrive on a bright sunny day as bold. But how about during nighttime, what kind of shadows are are possible? For Shadow Shot Sunday 2, the very nice Patti found a wonderful example the other night, this being the entryway to the Derby (CT) Public Library. Dressed for the season, the portico adds soft shadows. Given the white lights above, it looks like snow. However it has been unusually mild (55°F / 13°C), so no snow on the ground - this seems a nice lead-in to the winter Christmas...


  1. O how pretty is this. Almost like a public Christmas cake.

  2. You hav a handsome library and you are right that the lights make it look like you have snow there.

  3. Wonderfull,Happy Advent Greeting from Belgium "Mons ma ville"