Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-19

It is the end of the work week, and we are ready for Teresa's always fun meme Friday Hunt. We are given the themes and we are happy to search for (and find) the pics. Note that this week I am combining two of the themes into one - in an unusal view for me :)

Starts with 'S'. I'd consiered sky and sunset, having a number of pics of each. However, I am using instead a favorite nephew of mine, that being Stephen. A great guy who lives with his wife the lovely Aiko in Boston. Living in the Hub, his favorite sports teams being (in Boston) the NHL Montreal Canadians and MLB N.Y. Yankees, both not revered by the natives. I looked in the archives and found these from 1982, when he was almost 7.

Week's Favorite and Smile - I have combined the two themes here. This pic was taken at last week's Third Annual Recognition Breakfast of Greater Valley in Ansonia CT. Patti and I are on the advisory board, and we were captured during the event - I am in the wheelchair, seated low with the lovey Patti next to me. And we are smiling. And it is a favorite view :)
Thanks to photographer Fred Ortoli for capturing us and thanks toTeresa for the meme -  and the themes!

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