Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-22

Teresa’s fun meme Friday Hunt is back! The themes are here and I thought a trip back in time for two of the themes might be in order…

Starts with V. Of course, I’ll use my last name which is Villers. It is the family name, and my photo entries take us back to the past where myself and my sisters and brother, all seven of us are shown. The first pic is from the Spring of 1969 in front of our East Hartford CT home. I (in the jacket) and two sisters are in Catholic school uniforms. And two wore plaid skirts at that same school
The second photo is from 1987 at my sister’s wedding. She was an officer in the USAF, as was the groom, so she wore her officer dress uniform instead of in white - and quite classy. This the last pic of all seven. Two have passed since then, so it is a great pic to remember us all by…

Week's Favorite. Patti was at a BMX bicycle stunt show at Seymour Middle School last week. Here, an Assistant Principal sits calmly under the performer as he jumps over her. I don’t think they were all that close. However, I am not going to test my theory…

Sunshine. This is another old print from November 1981. Here is a mid-Autumn sunset taken (as a passenger :) on the I-90 Mass. Turnpike between Boston and Worcester, the print taken with a simple 50mm Canon rangefinder. This all shows that given enough light, any camera will do…


  1. Lovely to see the old shotsof your family and great for you to have the second shotof them all. Looks a bit dangerous that bike over that ladys head. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The Assistant Principal is much more trusting than I!

  3. Love the family photos! I think it's great that your sister wore her dress uniform for the wedding. I am pretty sure I would never been found sitting in that seat under the bike. Yikes! Beautiful sunset! Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great Memorial Day and week ahead.