Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016.2.6

It is time for another edition of Teresa's fun Friday meme, Friday Hunt. She kindly offers os clues for this week's theme, and we are happy to  comply!

Starts with 'F'. For me, it is and was Ford. I'm showcasing my second wheelchair vehicle, set up so I could enter, transfer to the driver's seat, use the hand control to drive...Took delivery of my modified 1998 Ford E-150 van on 26 May 1998 and donated to a worthy individual in May 2012 (at 158,000 miles). So a full-sized Ford fits the theme well...
Three weeks old in June 1998, my Ford E-150, with seven year old Cameron 
In Sept. 2009, Hartford, CT

Front view of Ford E-150, also Sept. 2009, Hartford, CT

The Ford cockpit: Hand controls, spinner knob, 90-deg transfer seat and (5) furry plush bears for company...
Week's Favorite. It is a monument to the volunteer firefighters in our small city of Ansonia CT, pop. 19.000. We may tend to pay little attention - until they are needed...
Monument in front of City Hall, Ansonia
Shiny. I am using an old Triumph TR-3 I saw at an old car show. Fully restored, I chose the rear fender view which is such a shiny red, and the photographer leaves a ruby reflection within...


  1. WOW That is a fanttastic looking FOrd you are now driving and I love all those shiny cars. Someon was hard at the polishing! I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you.

  2. Ralph, you sure covered "F" this week. An excellent point about firefighters! The early TRs were great.

  3. Those five furry bears are so cute! What a fun way to expand on the F theme!

  4. Man what is it with you guys and your love your van. I think it is great what can be done in them to help people to drive. Thanks for the post.

  5. Your Ford has served you well. Hats off to firefighters everywhere. My husband had a couple TRs--until he got this long-legged girlfriend...

  6. Lots of Fords for the letter F. Nice trip back in time. It was nice of you to donate it when you were finished. Love the shiny red fender with your reflection. Cheers to our fire fighters! They truly are heroes. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  7. You got some nice reflective shots. I like going to car shows and taking shots at the reflections I see on the shiny cars. :-)