Saturday, July 9, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy ad reflective concert venue

For today's Shadow Shot Sunday 2  I revert to Wednesday and the first of the Summer concert series in Veteran's Park next to Ansonia city hall. Being the chairman of the sponsor Ansonia Cultural Commission, I arrived early to welcome the musicians and perhaps capture a shadow on a warm and beautiful evening.

On top are two monuments in the park that are draped sun and shadow. Below the, it is a pic of the local band All Funk'd Up taken with my cheap point-and-shoot. Look carefully - the reflective photographer is captured unaware. The unplanned always makes for an interesting photo shoot!

Below is a vid I captured with the aforementioned cheap camera. It is not too pixelated, but if not looking that great, one can enjoy the 1978 song Boogie, Oogie, Oogie by a Taste of Honey...


  1. Where were you hiding? I have hunted and hunted the video. You got me with that one. I give up :-( Thought the lady was great. genie

    1. Hi, I am in the black granite monument to the left and in front of the conga. I am looking down :)

  2. I'm always embarrassed when I catch a reflection of myself in a shiny surface!

  3. The park monuments are an interesting design. Impressive dedications.

  4. ah hah! I see you! Nice photos!

  5. Enjoyed listening to Boogie Woogie... and neat shot with your reflection!