Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016.2-1

Well, we begin the alphabet anew at Teresa's fun meme, Friday Hunt. The first clue this week is Starts with A. I have three ‘A’ subjects this week that work (I think), in order: 
  • Allegra, our daughter. Here is in 1989 at our apartment in Derby, CT is the less than one-year old with her mom. The pacifier sees to be of more interest to her than the photographer…
  • Angelino’s restaurant (excellent :) in Vernon, CT, the name resplendent in red neon! 
  • Ansonia, our small city of 19,000 in southern CT. It is about 85 miles/137 km northeast of Midtown Manhattan, New York City 

Week's Favorite. How about or friend Rich DiCarlo, President of the Valley Arts Council. This is obviously a staged photo yet we have to look more than once at the large fellow looking ready to pedal the three-wheeled Veomobile to places unknown…


  1. How cool is that three-wheeled Veomobile!

  2. Angelino looks as if she could be teething. Hope you have a marvellous weekend.

  3. Your week's favorite is a cute photo. Did you ever watch the Flintstones? There's a sound that his feet makes when he starts his car. I hear that in the background of your photo. lol

  4. Love that Veomobile....I could see the looks I would get driving something like that where I live. And what a cutie Allegra is...

  5. I love the Velomobile. What a great shot

  6. Love your friend in the Velomobile. It looks like he could be ready for Iowa's RAGBRAI. I didn't realize your daughter was that close in age to my son. He was born at the start of 1990. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!