Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday’s Hunt 2016-2.15

It is Friday again, and time again for Teresa's fun meme Friday Hunt  The hints are here and I'll pay more attention to getting my linky applied correctly this week :)

Starts with O. This week Ohio starts with ‘O’, and I have two pics that showcase the Buckeye State…top, this pic was taken by pretty passenger Patti in 1999 at the junction of Ohio 7 and US-22 in Steubenville, Ohio. There is a little Ohio on a sign above. The second was taken at the family home in St Paul MN, my big sister standing aside the Ohio license tag on Grandpa’s 1955 Dodge Custom RoyaI

Week's Favorite. Patti participated in last week’s Pounding the Pavement for Seymour Pink 5K as her breast cancer support group Circle of Friends crosses the finish line - Patti is ringing her pink cowbell…
Eyes. I have always liked this pic of our late Sir Humphrey of Upland and his expressive eyes. Thanks Teresa!


  1. I was near Steubenville, Ohio last mouth, man was it hot! Your favorite is for a great cause! Great "cat eyes."

  2. I agree, Ralph, Sir Humphrey of Upland doses have expressive eyes. There he is looking at the floor or at least down, but is deep in thought about some event of the day. My ex's parents had a 57 Dodge, before that a 55 Plymouth, ouckie green. I don't know my eastern U.S. geography well enough to figure out where that was. I think Patti was somewhere near where we veered north to see Gettysburg. Pretty picture though.

  3. Neat photos, especially your week's favorite. I like that your sister rang a cowbell.

  4. What a great series! Love the shot of your sister. The women are all looking pretty in their pink! Sir Humphrey was quite the handsome fellow. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!