Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday - Iconic Paris

We know that the world can be bad place - witness the events in Paris. Given the bad in the capitol city of France, there is beauty too. So for today's Shadow Shot Sunday 2, I showcase a picture of the famous Eiffel Tower / Tour Eiffel that was captured by Patti (with Allegra) when on a school trip there in 2004. The lighting underneath the intricate wrought iron structure throws equally intricate shadows all around. Lovely shadows from a historic icon...


  1. Beautiful colours and shadows on this icon. Yes. Recent events there seem so surreal, so uncivilised.

  2. Those shadows are intricate and interesting and the light gives it beautiful colors too.

  3. Nicely captured! Yes, the events in Paris have shocked us all!

  4. I came visiting by "Shadow Shot Sunday 2" , to see attractive post.
    Pray for France-peace for the world !
    My post you will find here
    Have a cozy Sunday
    ♥ Greetings from Deutschland.

  5. That is an amazing photo. I would love to visit Paris some day - I am baffled when they strike out in such a lovely place.

  6. It is such a horrific act from those radical individuals who doesn't have any respect for humanity. Great shot though.

  7. Beautiful shadow shot and such a blow to the world ~ especially France ~ We need peace so badly ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol