Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Watery Songlines - The Land of Blue Waters

To me, the magic of water seems alive in Minnesota, the Land of Blue Waters. Thus for Watery Songlines, I showcase a picture taken in August 1983 from Big Stony Lake, a four-hour drive northwest of the Twin Cities. This is an early morning view of this state's typically beautiful lake in Minnesota - the water is so clear it acts as a blue mirror to the heavens. But do go in the summer,as the Winter is very cold...


  1. I bet the water is cold already! ;)

  2. Lovely shot. A ride in that canoe would be fun!

    1. Minnesota has well over 10,000 fresh water lakes (over 50 acres in surface area each) - like this, they are a treat for fishing and boating in the summer - in their really cold winters, only ice fishing for the hearty...not me thous :)

  3. Adore water worlds. Great for exercise and for a little soul food.