Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-09

It is time again for Teresa's fun meme Friday Hunt. In this week's edition, the three subjects this week are: Starts with 'I', Weeks's Favorite and Something Blue. I can happily comply :)

Starts with 'I'

In our small city of Ansonia, the mayor authorized the purchase of a portable ice rink that's placed on Nolan Field, the football home of the Ansonia H.S. Chargers - in football season that is. With no refrigeration, the cold weather would keep the ice ready - but not that much in this warm-ish winter, and Public Works has disassembled it for the season. However, it was open and we see a mom showing her little one the way to keep steady on skates, and two students who skate competitively, the 15 year old on our right already having won a championship at Lake Placid...

Week's Favorite
At the Ansonia Ice Skating Rink, an enterprising person thought that in our urban enclave, a place to solicit donations of ice skates for those who would like to try skating. A noble idea, and happily, there was a donation!

Something Blue
An morning sky over the 1889 Sterling Opera House in neighboring Derby. It is really something blue, a nice winter sky with the moon still peering at us. Winter often is cold but the seasonal skies are always very attractive. As always, thanks Teresa for this cool meme!


  1. Nice opera house picture, Ralph. I'm glad the Moon showed so well. That is a good idea of having the winter ice rink. Our Woodlands has one in the winter. The Galeria Mall has a year round ice skating rink, inside.

  2. Ice skating is a nice hobby for young and older children. Nice photos.

    R. Täysin arkista

  3. I haven't ice skated in a very long time! Kudos to those who master it!

  4. Growing up our town erected several outdoor rinks, usually at the schools and seeing the mother and daughter brings back fond memories. Of course back then winter stayed cold the whole way through. :-)

  5. Love the idea of a portable skating rink. There's a town not too far from me that did something like that for the first time this year. It wasn't probably the best winter to do that. We are very spring-like today. Nice that there was a donation. The winter skies are really beautiful. Thanks so much for continuing to join in Friday's Hunt.