Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Independent Living vs The State of Connecticut

I have to advocate for the Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in CT. Gov. Malloy proposes cutting all funding for the 5 in the state. With mu disability, they have helped me to be a better advocate for myself which has allowed me the opportunity to start a business of my own.

I have been assisted immeasurably by the CIL I have been involved with, The Center for Disability Rights in pst Haven CT. Not just a member, but a one-time board member (President) and employee (MFP Transition Advocate, 2008-2012). 

The Democratic Party in the State of Connecticut has been so wasteful that already minimal state funding of the CIL's is to be cut in its entirety so that layoffs at each of the five centers. Anyone familiar with the normal wasteful spending of the usual 'social services' agencies in CT (DSS, BRS, etc), whose deliverables are much less per capita than the chronically underfunded and ignored non-crofts.

I agree that there is a spending problem in this state, but killing all funding here is not the answer - ending the such practices as allowing the padding of pensions by state employe union members with overtime prior to their retirements. Not that SEBAC and the party dominating the legislature in Hartford would ever consider that. CILs provided services FAR  are handled more FAR more efficiently than the usual state agencies (DSS, etc) ever did...

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