Saturday, February 20, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Happy Birthday, Michele

Baby Michele with Grandpa, Atlantic City, NJ
Omaha, Nebraska in 1964
St Paul Minnesota, 1959. Note Grandpa's personalized Ohio plates on 1955 Dodge
It is time for this week's version of Shadow Shot Sunday 2, and, coincidentally, the birthday of big sister Michele. So I am back to the archives for shadowy B&W pics of a great kid - and sibling too! Happy SSS2 too...


  1. That 2nd image is so iconic to the era, isn't it? Love these nostalgic images.

  2. These are beautiful pictures! I wish my parents have pictures taken back in the day.

  3. You have some great family photos from the past!

  4. It all seems sunny in simpler times!

  5. I love these archival shadowy shots, Ralph. Thanks for sharing!