Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-17

Ah, Teresa’s fun meme Friday Hunt is back for April 22nd. She supplies the clues, we happily search and provide the pics. A fun hunt this week!

Starts with 'Q'
For the letter 'Q' I return to a place of my youth, that being the the New York City borough of Queens. Granted, part of my growing up was in the Queens section of Bayside decades ago - however our son lives in Brooklyn and we have visited him a couple of times which necessitates driving along the I-678 Whitestone Bridge between Bronx and Queens. Quite a ‘Q’…no?

Week's Favorite
Yesterday, Patti were driving home from an appointment in New Haven. Patti noticed this statue at the intersection of Ct Route 34 and Ella Grasso Boulevard and captured from the passenger seat. It looks like a WWI soldier climbing out of the West River. Alas, over 20,000 cars cross through that intersection and with nowhere to park, we just couldn't find out what it was - but we aim to find out!

At Rest
Nothing but a cat looks at rest, this being our Linus. For 15 hours a day - this view from Wednesday. Sweet dreams to our furry family feline…


  1. I once did a post of cities and town of New York State from A to Z, Queens was just too far to drive. Sometimes I wish that i drove a motorcycle so that pulling over to take a shot was easier. Cat nap!

  2. I sure if you googled your second shot you would find out about it.Love the resting cat. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Yes, a good find for 'Q' and a sweet kitty at rest.

  4. Cats sure know what it means to be at rest!!

  5. I am so envious of cats. They really do have it made. That statue certainly does make one want to check it out a bit closer. Love the bridge! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.