Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-16

It is time again to fit the theme of Teresa's fun meme Friday Hunt. Happily the meme themes can again be met!

1.) Starts with P: I chose two pics that highlight two different iterations of the letter ‘P’, that being my lovely wife Patti and Photographer. She doesn’t drive the Grand Caravan, and chooses to take the pics on life’s journey. Here is passenger and photographer in selfies of sorts…she captures the essence of many a road trip.

2.) Week's Favorite: Patti went to a ‘senior’ prom last week that was an intergenerational event held at Ansonia High School and hosted by a multi-school Human Relations Club. Here, a student demonstrates the ‘Hokey Pokey’. It made for a post in our Valley-Voice blog and this week's Valley-Voice newsletter. Patti had a great time :)

3.) In motion: This is a view taken by our daughter Allegra in 2005 on her way home from a high-school trip to Paris and London when she was a junior. There is an interesting backstory here, as a few weeks before the trip on a rainy day, we were watching four flights that were in holding patterns while flying in the crowded sky heading to JFK airport New York City. When I picked her up from her trip a couple of weeks later, the first thing she said was "Guess what...we were in a holding pattern" I asked where and she noted it was over Groton and New London. (Connecticut). This is the pic she captured. (Most jaded flyers wouldn't think being in a holding pattern is all that cool - she did though :)


  1. an intergenerational ‘senior’ prom, now thats new to me

  2. I see you took to the skies to have your IN Motion shot, mine is a moving propellar. Did you see it> Love the first shots of Patti as the photographer. I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  3. Lots to see in the reflections of the top two photos.

  4. I like your "P"s, Ralph. Last year in May we went to our granddaughter's prom. Not many parents were dancing. I like pictures from planes, I have taken my share. Allegra did good with hers.

  5. Love the selfies of you favorite photographer! That senior prom looks like it was a fun event. Great shot from the plane. Thank you so much for sharing with Friday's Hunt. I always enjoy seeing what creative finds you will share.