Friday, April 8, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Find the red sweater...

We are back for Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Yesterday, I had to get a repair to the specialized steering in my driver wheelchair van, a 200 Dodge Grand Caravan. Not that I was happy with the $485.00 bill, but better safe than sorry. It is at the shop that performed the conversion of my van, Advanced Wheels, about an hour north of home. 

But while the repair/maintenance was being performed, I took my simple Canon point-and-shoot camera to capture pics of the new vans in the back lot and in the showroom - and I thought of this meme for what I'd take, and I thought finding me, in the red sweater, might make it more interesting. So here are three that fit the bill, although looking in the headlight may be a challenge to find me...

I really wanted to drive the red Town and Country home - but was dissuaded by the $56K price alas. I approached this theme  in a post back in 2011 and oddly, I was in red back then too. The past is prologue some say...


  1. I'm glad you had a chance to reflect while waiting for the repair/maintenance work to be completed.

    1. Oh, look! Ralph has support and encouragement from the "ever lovely Patti." (I got the phrase right, didn't I, Ralph?) BTW, Patti, we miss you at Shadow Shot Sunday 2!

  2. All very creative shots and love the red sweater shot!

    Happy Weekend to you, ^_^

  3. If I am waiting for some kind of appointment, I like to fill in time with my camera, checking out some odd perspective or object. Often, those shots can be very interesting - as are these. Very creative.

  4. Red on red! Great use of time done creatively!

  5. Never fun to have to pay those bills, but at least you got some fun photos while you waited!