Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday’s Hunt 2016-2.12

It is Friday and time again for a favorite meme, Friday Hunt  Host Teresa provides the clues, the hunt is on and we present our findings. Starting with 'L". first is Landed. On the tarmac of the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport, a United 737 after the plane developed two flat tires upon landing, 07/30/1983. My camera was in my carry-on…
Lighthouse. This one at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven CT, where Long Island Sound meets New Haven Harbor. A classic lighthouse captured March 2011.
Linus McDonald, our furry, friendly, family feline who, like most cats, loves boxes 
Week's Favorite. Yesterday, we went to the Food Trucks in the Valley event in nearby Shelton. With so many choices, I went with Ay! arepa from New Haven with a fantastic chicken quesadilla combo. Fine eating!

Critter. I chose a lone seagull on a building at the beach in West Haven CT. Almost regal in appearance, although nobody bowed or curtsied in its presence…


  1. "L"ove the "L"ighthose, the food "L"ook great and "L"ovely critter.

  2. I had a lighthouse in another post this week. I love food trucks and luckily we have many.

  3. That must have been some landing. Lighthouses are always a winner with me. Pretty kitty! Nice lunch, too. Thankfully, you weren't "knighted" by the gull!

  4. Beautiful shot of a lighthouse, and I like your cat. :) I also like the seagull - I'm sure he would have liked some of your meal!

  5. I love that lighthouse. I don't get to see many of those in my land-locked state. Linus is a handsome fellow. Your lunch choice looks like a good one. Nice capture of the poor lonely seagull. Thanks so much for joining me for Friday's Hunt. I hope you have a great week!

  6. A year later and Linus is still going strong...just a bit more whiny.