Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Gastronomic Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is back a mere two days from Food Trucks in the Valley fundraiser in Shelton CT that we attended. So many food trucks to choose from it was hard to decide on what carb-laden comfort food would make a great meal - I chose a fabulous quesadilla from Ay Arepas  but whatever your choice, it was a great late Summer event for foodies and shadows - the always lovely Patti is in the crowd scene with her camera high while taking a panoramic shot of a happy crowd...


  1. Fun place for 'foodies' and neat shadow shots ~

    Wishing you happy days ~ ^_^

  2. An extraordinary gathering of food trucks. That looks like quite a celebration.

  3. Food Truck Frenzy! Holy Cows, Batman! Too hard to decide, but what fun.