Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday’s Hunt 2016-2.14

It's time again for a favorite meme, Friday Hunt. I was busy last week with Ansonia's Harvest Festival as chairman of the cultural commission - only four people made the event happen, and it was a great day - but a bit tiring. Nevertheless I am back and here is my post with Teresa's prompts for the week...

Starts with 'N'. I am today choosing New York City in three eras. The first I believe is from 1939, and it is my dad (aged about 11-1/2) I believe on the Queens side off the East River. The next one is from 1961, and my father and his sister (my Aunt Terry) on a building giving another view of the then skyline. The final pic in color was taken by passenger and first officer Patti on the southbound on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in December 2013.

Weeks Favorite. This was last Saturday at the Harvest Festival on Ansonia's Main Street. The first pic is Mayor avoid Cassetti posing with festival mascot 'Harvey' - what a sight! The second is a reflection of some of the city from the Griffin Hospital van, facing dad's Food Truck, a fabulous food destination (think a burger topped with mac n' Cheese if you can :)

I Made This. A few years ago, with assistance from my daughter Allegra, I made a frittata in three stages: sautéed the veggies, added the egg and cream mixture and after it was taken out of the oven and served with a Portuguese red. Thanks again Teresa!


  1. You can cook for me any day my friend!

  2. That home-made a frittata looks soooo good, Ralph. Nice NYC skyline pictures too.
    BTW, Theresa's Mr. Linky doesn't have your post. I'm running late or I would have told you earlier. Yesterday we went to Louisiana for Mrs. Jim's family reunion. Nice turnout and lots of homemade food there.