Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016.2.10

Another Friday is here, and we are ready for another fun edition of Teresa's fun meme Friday Hunt. She provides the clues and we look high and low to find said clues. With success I hope :)

Starts with 'J' Today's pic was taken at JFK Airport in New York City. This is my father on the tarmac of JFK in January 1970, just deplaned from a very early flight on the then new Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Look at how people traveled by jet in those days, nicely dressed with the old-fashioned vinyl flight bag on the shoulder and carrying a hard-sided Samsonite briefcase. For reference, I was just a high-school freshman at the time...
Week's Favorite. Just an hour ago, the always lovely Patti captured the setting sun out our back window in the Ansonia Uplands. It almost seems an Impressionist painting, the bold yet soft pastels looking like a just completed canvas in a gallery...
Surprise. I don't know if Linus McDonald is really surprised...but he may have been. Thanks Teresa!

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