Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Bangles Bathed in Shadow

This is a different sort of post by myself for Shadow Shot Sunday 2, featuring jewelry instead of anything else. While given to little in the way of adornment for myself aside from a wedding band and watch, I appreciate the working the designing and making of jewelry. So Patti wrote a newsletter article featuring Derby jewelry maker Nancy Dreishpoon of their downtown business Sam and Nan. These two photos represent the artistry of Nan and the idea of making jewelry to suit any taste. And shadows emerged too! Style and shadow go hand in hand (or ring finger, or neck or...)


  1. I really love the little charms. I have my charm bracelet from my high school days. It's so meaningful.

  2. Such creative trinkets with each charm clearly meant to be a personal symbol. Lovely.

  3. Lovely jewelry. I tend not to wear much in the way of jewelry on the farm. Too dangerous.