Saturday, March 26, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-13

It is time again for Friday Hunt, and Teresa has given us this week’s clues. I went back to the past for two of the three clues, and happily I captured the memories.

Starts with ‘M'. I went back into my photo archives, and I found two…This is a profile of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey New Hampshire. It was in my walking days, although I was not able to reach the rocky summit at 3165 ft / 965 M. It was autumn so no snow yet…another ‘M’ is my old friend Michael who did make it to the top of the summit in an earlier climb in 1979. More than a few of this week’s letter :)

Week’s Favorite. Just an early spring sunset with bold colors as the sun tried to peek through at the end of a cloudy day…

Wings. This is also an old scanned print from 1984, this being the starboard wing of a United Airlines DC-10, in what was the best flight of my life. Between Los Angeles and Chicago, it was a smooth above the weather. With only 100 or so passengers on this two-aisle plane, there were no bathroom lines and the bar cart was behind bulkhead two (‘Exact change, please’). A wing in flight. Thanks again Teresa!


  1. Hi Ralph. This is a nice assortment four our Hunt #13. We used to have family picnics, wife and kids and I, in the lake there below Mt. Monadnock in the summers. Other times I would ride my Vespa up there on nice days. That was when we lived in Manchester and I was an engineer at the New Boston AF Satellite Tracking Station. Your 'wing shot' is clever. I have a few of those also.
    BTW, your link at Teresa's Mr. Linky is taking us to Theresa instead of to here.

  2. I see your friend found a good walking stick for his hike, something I pursue for stability and poking at things I don't want to touch. The flights today sure aren't what they were years ago - good heavens I remember a meal served on china but it was short lived.

  3. I love that first image! What a great view. Spring certainly does give us some amazing sunsets! What a fun wing shot to use! Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. By the way, I fixed your link. Hope you have a great Easter!

  4. Our son has just begun getting into lots of "outdoorsy" activities, now that he's in college. I wonder if some day he might wander to New England and climb that mountain? Pretty view!