Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Hunt, 2016-11

I am happily back at Teresa's fun meme, Friday Hunt. This week, the themes are Starts with 'K', Week's Favorite and Flower. These were different, thus I had to think about it somewhat - and after perusing my photo archives, I can play!

Starts with 'K'. What else can that be but Kitty Cat. Our furry feline family member Linus McDonald will do here. He sits, unassumingly, at the front window (L) and back. I assume he is not posing although he does offer his demure kitty cat look in each pic...

Flower. This is where I looked in the archives from the Spring of 1991 and our then two-year old daughter Allegra has watched her mom in action and thought she'd like to try it herself. It is an old print with all its flaws - but the cute kid still tugs at hearts :)

Week's Favorite. This afternoon, the lovely Patti captured this warm-day-in March view looking up at the Ansonia Greenway (located upon the flood control levee alongside the Naugatuck River) where Spring is definitely in the air!


  1. Great pics for the hunt. Love that gorgeous blue sky. I am ready for these angry clouds to go away and for the sun to shine again. Cute furball!

  2. give me blue skies and enough rain so that everything is green.

  3. That was a lovely shot of your daughter when she was 2 and I love your cat. Have a great week ahead Ralph.

  4. Your cat is looking good,

  5. What a sweet kitty! Love the picture of your daughter helping. Very cute. Beautiful spring scene. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt!