Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday - Easter 1947

It is the day before easter 2016 for this week's edition of Shadow Shot Sunday 2. I am reverting back seven decades to pics I have used before, but am fond of these due to their shadowy views on Easter Sunday 1947. Everybody got dressed up for the holiday, so my father looks resplendent in his suit as he leans against Grandpa's Dodge and stands in the driveway. The leafless shadows along Oregon Avenue look as sharp as dapper Dad...


  1. My goodness you do look so much like your dad, Ralph. Adore his pose in the first pic and lots of lovely shadows round him in the second pic. Happiest Easter to you and Patti.

  2. Dapper. Classic suit and shadows.

  3. They do indeed! I can see why you are using them again-they say so much.
    Have a Happy Easter!